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Episode 14 with Brad Clinthorne, Steve's Real Food

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Brad Clinthorne | Steve's Real Food

Welcome to tonight's show. As a lifelong cat lover with a long list of things I've done badly, I encourage any of you that have cats in your care to watch tonight's episode. I am talking Cat Nutrition with Brad Clinthorne from Steve's Real Food, a company focused on getting cats and dogs to eat more raw food and to ultimately live healthy, longer and happier lives. Nutrition is key to good health and reducing the amount of diseases we are seeing like diabetes, renal failure, crystal problems, respiratory issues, etc, not to mention emotional problems like depression and obesity.

Cats are effectively living less than 40% of their maximum life span! What have I (we) been doing so wrong all these years? First stop is to understand the history of cats, how cats are wired and then we can know how they should be eating. 

Cats are built to hunt (and survive). They feed on wild live prey which is a far cry from cans and kibble. So..... what can we do about it because I want my cats to live healthily and happily well into their 30s. We learn and then we do! Let's learn from the people that know. Join me as I chat with Brad Clinthorne from Steve's Real Food about cat nutrition.

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IN CHAT BOX NEWS, we have had another viewer question come in that was well worth checking in on. I will be talking to a few of our regular animals about their current view on depression and suicide. I find these questions fascinating so keep them coming in. If you have a question for a species or group of animals out there, send it in and I will have a chat with them and see what they have to say. You can email me with your question here: hello@rommiebuhler.com


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